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Deploy and speed up your projects on our SSD only cloud. Using our enterprise class HP Blade Servers and SSD storage, accelerate your sites like never before.


SSD Only

Industry-leading SSD only Storage Arrays for optimal performance.


HP Blade Servers

Enterprise class HP Blade Servers and C7000 Blade Enclosures.


High Speed Network

Super fast 10Gb HP and Cisco Network infrastructure



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Webcore operate a fully virtualized infrastructure based on VMware and Xen hypervisors


SSD Only

We deploy your Cloud Servers on the latest generation of HP C-Class blade servers and use SSD only SAN Storage across multiple HP Lethand storage shelves with Raid10 for redundancy.

This storage configuration is key to providing maximum performance and lowest latency to our hypervisors.

Hp Blade Servers

Our HP C7000 blade enclosure have16x HP Blade servers operating in a High Availability and Load Balanced Cluster with every aspect of hardware protectd by at least N+1 redundancy.

Each hypervisor node in the cluster has 2x Quad core or 2x Hex core Intel Xeon processors, 192GB DDR ECC Ram and 4x 10Gb NICs for storage and connectivity.


Our network runs on Cisco and HP VirtualConnect technology with N+1 redundancy at every level including switches, firewalls, edge routers, data centre uplinks, server downlinks and 10Gb iScsi Multipathing at the storage layer providing up to 40Gb/s connectivity from each blade server to the SAN.


Security is paramount and we secure our networks with powerful edge firewalls and spam filters. We use DDOS mitigation techniques on both ingress and egress traffic to contain and prevent Denial of Service attacks from affecting service availability.


Each VM deployed on our Cloud has its own Vlan with IP spoofing enabled to prevent other VMs from intercepting your traffic. We provide a private firewall per VM instance so you can further restrict the flow of traffic to your VMs to guarantee security.


Our clusters are monitored 24/7 and are highly automated so a failure of a blade server node will not result in an outage of your website or Cloud Server. If a hardware node fails our management servers automatically reboot any running VMs on another node in the cluster in 30-60 seconds.

Planned maintenance can be carried out with zero downtime as running VMs can be live migrated to other hypervisor nodes without any interruption to service.

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