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FastCGI Caching With Nginx

FastCGI Caching With Nginx

Nginx is a fast, robust webserver. You can vastly the performance of your web application, when you combine Nginx and the FastCGI caching module.

This article assumes you have Nginx installed and setup. We will also use Worpress to test caching. If you need help, follow our Wiki article 'Installing Nginx on Ubuntu' ...

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Deploy a Rails App on Ubuntu 14.04 with Passenger and Nginx

Deploy a Rails App on Ubuntu 14.04 with Passenger and Nginx


This tutorial is for Ruby on Rails developers wishing to host their web apps. We will show you how to install and use Phusion Passenger as your web server. Passenger can be used with Nginx or Apache with the benefits of easy installation, configuration, and maintainance.

Step 1 - Create Server

To create a server ...

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How to Install an SSL Certificate

How to Install an SSL Certificate

This tutorial will help you in purchasing and installing an SSL Certificate for use with Apache and Nginx web servers on a Ubuntu system.


A Registered Domain

You must have ownership or control of the registered domain name that you wish to use the certificate with. If you do not already have a registered ...

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Setup and Install Git on CentOS 6.5

Setup and Install Git on CentOS 6.5


Git is a source code management system. It allows a teams to collaborate on projects, using the same files. Git watches for changes in your files and and allows for files to be shared between small or large groups of people.

We recommend this free online book to really learn more about Git and ...

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Install LAMP Stack on CentOS 6

Install LAMP Stack on CentOS 6

LAMP stack is an open source solution for building dynamic web sites and web applications. The acronym LAMP is derived from the software used which includes, Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

In this guide we will install a LAMP Server on CentOS 6. Note: you will need root privileges.

Step 1 – Install Apache

Setting ...

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